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re4lfs 1.2 added support for x360 (big-endian) LFS files, should hopefully unpack/pack them fine. only tested with a single LFS so far though, there's always a small chance x360 also has other weird LFS files that this won't work with, will try getting hold of the x360 release myself soon so I can run a test against all the LFS files there.

Rest of the tools are unchanged from last release.
  • re4lfs - packer/unpacker for RE4 LFS files, allowing you to compress your modded RE4 data to as little as 5% the size in best case!
  • re4resample - tool for extracting & resampling XWB files used by RE4 UHD (resampling low-sample-rate audio to a higher rate should improve any HRTF effects mixed into the audio by DLL plugins etc)
  • re4sym - parser for SYM files included with the RE4 GC debug build, allows exporting the SYM as both IDAPython & Ghidra scripts (use the output with Ghidra's '' plugin)
To use re4resample grab a build of ffmpeg.exe and put it next to the re4resample.exe / auto-resample.bat

(the ffmpeg-release-essentials.7z file from should work fine)

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