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So where do I begin... I actually made this project just to see if multi threading the leviathan codec in oodle could be on par with fast-lzma2 in terms of compression speed (yes it is, for level 5 but not higher than this), the reason I made it is because fast-lzma2's decompression speed is terrible and leviathan is quite fast and as I was making this, I ended up making an excellent multithreading job queue manager and the focus was no longer on compression but on the job queue manager's code and I ended up just improving that to perhaps use in future xtool updates or other projects.

Long story short, I wanted to replace fast-lzma2 with leviathan but accidentally made a piece of code that speeds up multi-threaded code used on my other projects like xtool and decided to focus more on that.

You may ask, wasn't OodleMT already made? Yes it was, it was made by 78372 but that implementation only compressed the data split into blocks and didn't make use of dictionary (sliding window) to improve compression and this one however does just that.

oo2mtc.dll is oo2core_9_win64.dll, it's renamed this way to avoid conflicting with xtool libraries however if oo2mtc.dll does not exist, it will start looking for oo2core_#_win64.dll
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