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Oodle library collection 1.0

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Here is a new oodle library collection.

New this time:
Added real oodle library versions.

Included is "oodle_ver.exe" which Razor12911 build up in light speed to check the real library versions. Before I have checked them with hxd (just search for "2." and after some attempts you will find the real version).

Funny side note: We had several libraries, like oo2core_7 which is actually oo2core_9 and some others aswell like oo2core_4 which are actually another library version. But now you can check real version with ease. So it seems like some users have f*cked up when using oodle side project and forgot to rename them back to original before sharing (most likely).

If you are going to extend the collection, please also check the hash sum of the file. For example if you have another oo2core_9 library which has the same version and size as already included libraries, also check the hashsum. If hashsum is different you can include it aswell.

Library naming is as follow:
v2.1.x = oo2core_1_win64
v2.2.x = oo2core_2_win64
v2.3.x = oo2core_3_win64
v2.4.x = oo2core_4_win64
v2.5.x = oo2core_5_win64
v2.6.x = oo2core_6_win64
v2.7.x = oo2core_7_win64
v2.8.x = oo2core_8_win64
v2.9.x = oo2core_9_win64
However you can recheck versions here. Use the time frame of a game's development/release to at least tell which library was used for compression: http://www.radgametools.com/oodlehist.htm
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