1. Mickey1s

    Oodle MT Compressor R1

    So where do I begin... I actually made this project just to see if multi threading the leviathan codec in oodle could be on par with fast-lzma2 in terms of compression speed (yes it is, for level 5 but not higher than this), the reason I made it is because fast-lzma2's decompression speed is...
  2. Mickey1s

    Oodle library collection 1.0

    Here is a new oodle library collection. New this time: Added real oodle library versions. Included is "oodle_ver.exe" which Razor12911 build up in light speed to check the real library versions. Before I have checked them with hxd (just search for "2." and after some attempts you will find the...
  3. Edison007

    детект oodle(kraken) потоков

    детект oodle потоков Не помню всех нюансов т.к последний раз что-то с проектом делал больше месяца назад, название еще не придумал. Примерный алгоритм работы такой: * Подгружаются рядом лежащие oodle-библиотеки (с именем oodleXXX_x64.dll, где XXX - версия). * Ищутся валидные потоки, вышло...
  4. Ramiro Cruzo

    Noodle 1

    Am hungry *Starves*...CLI for RAD's Oodle compressor, dll was taken from Warframe noodle c input output library lvl chunk buffer noodle c - - library lvl chunk buffer <stdin> <stdout> noodle d input output noodle d - - <stdin> <stdout>