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Metro Exodus Precompression Tool R2

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Another lz4 game in the bag as requested

I rushed this release, something came up and got busy. I ran one test and compared it with metro-vfx-unpacker and it seems like some streams are left behind.

test on patch_01.vfx (patch_01.vfs0, patch_01.vfs1):
using vfxrec 4.85 GB (5,215,404,338 bytes)
using metro-vfx-unpacker 5.29 GB (5,690,004,897 bytes)

That's all I can do for now

Extracted 3 files, 5,215,404,078 => 3,369,431,485 bytes. Ratio 154.79%
Extraction time: cpu 7.53 sec/real 196.03 sec = 4%. Speed 17.19 mB/s

Update available


- Scanner updated to find all lz4 streams the game has (I think)


The files in vfx_data directory should be present ONLY during encoding and you should get this result when inflating

Compressed 70 files, 77,548,153,037 => 108,796,991,535 bytes. Ratio 140.30%
Compression time: cpu 131.33 sec/real 3361.83 sec = 4%. Speed 23.07 mB/s
all *.vfs# files except
content_platform.vfs0 {contains shaders}

// use a different liblz4.dll to get 102GB instead of 101GB

Compressed 70 files, 77,548,153,037 => 109,700,728,480 bytes. Ratio 141.46%
Compression time: cpu 92.30 sec/real 1173.97 sec = 8%. Speed 66.06 mB/s
There are 5 streams in this game that take about 60-90 seconds each to recompress. (cpu usage will be at its minimum during this)

// I noticed a lot of ogg headers in the game files, so maybe consider oggre (maybe it will work)

After working on this for 2 days I've come to a conclusion, fuck these lz4 compressed games.

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