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LZO precompressor R1

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Hi again guys, here's another procompressor for another algorithm.

Things you should know:
* This thing does not detect every single stream in the game, like specific precompressors like DELZORec when dealing with game titles like Far Cry 3 and 4.
* It's slow af from my opinion but it's first release, probably a few releases down the line, it can be made faster.
* It can be buggy, had problems setting it up, it wasn't like oodle and zstd, for now. I have no idea what causes certain bugs because firstly, I lack samples which produce bugs, I may need help in this department when you come across bugs, do report with helpful information
* For now, I have added support for lzo1x_999 (1-9)
* Max decompressed stream size should be no more than 4MB for it to be detected.

Ran a test on a portion of lzo streams I bundled together and these were results:
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