INNOvation Studio

INNOvation Studio

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Inno Setup Studio is a front end application to Jordan Russell's famous Inno Setup Script compiler. Inno Setup Studio is designed to make creating advanced and stylish setup programs as easy as possible.

Some of the features of Inno Setup Studio are:-

Script Building:

Built in wizard to get you building your setup program quickly.

The ability to create and include custom wizard forms using various controls.

The ability to include Codejock skins to change to appearance of your setup programs.

Inno Setup Studio:

Modern ribbon based design.

Context sensitive ribbon menus.

The ability to change the color theme of Inno Setup Studio.

A Welcome page with direct links to up to the minute videos, news and support.

Links to Inno Setup Script help and web pages.

Code completion (that can be customized by the end user).
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