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INNOvation Studio

Inno Setup IDE

  1. INNOvation Studio [06.12.2015]

    Список изменений: (12/06/2015)
    • Added Trigger groups to breakpoints.
    • Fixed miscellaneous minor issues. (10/16/2015)
    • Updated language strings.

    1.0.18 (10/15/2015)
    • Breakpoints can now be added to wizard code editors.
    • Bookmarks can now be navigated between modules.
    • Added support for more changes made in Inno Setup 5.5.7
    • Fixed miscellaneous minor issues.

    1.0.17 (08/05/2015)
    • Added more dynamic...
  2. New features of the latest release are as follows-

    - Added Watch List and new evaluation dialogue.
    - Added Compilation history.
    - Implemented the ability to double click compiler output to jump to appropriate form and line.
    - Fixed issue with navigation being destroyed after compilation.
    - Fixed issue of Find/Replace dialogues not appearing on the same monitor as the owning form.
    - Miscellaneous minor issues.
  3. Inno Setup Studio

    If you are running Inno Script 5.5.5, Inno Setup Studio 1.0.7 now allows you to perform a Syntax/Script check only.
  4. New features of the latest release are as follows

    - The concept of a main project is now in place.
    - Sections are now groups and show the files that contain them.
    - Sections can now be searched.
    - Double clicking a file will take you to the section in that file.
    - Structures are now grouped by the file that contains them.
    - Structures can now be searched.
    - Double clicking a method will take you to the method in that file.
    - Included units can now be stepped through.
    - Library files can now be incorporated and debugged.
    - Script...