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ZScan - Zlib scanner 1.0

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We already have a trend recreating projects. If you can't beat them, join them
Here is another zlib scanner.
Although ds4zlib, GFS and other zlib scanners I can't remember do the job, there are some benefits using zscan.
They are:
1. Uses far less memory.
2. Does not use chunking so all zlib streams are detected.
3. Multithreading is done automatically if you have multiple files to scan.
4. Returns additional information for zlib streams with headers. FLEVEL and windowsize is something is useful for people who knows how zlib works. FLEVEL 3 means zlib level 9-7 were used, 2 represents 6, 1 represents 5-2 and 0 represents level 1.
This is useful while configuring xtool, check the zlib codec in xtool help file(xtool.chm).

You can check "Scan whole directory" after selecting a file to scan whole directory of that file. You can also drag and drop files or a directory to the scanner. During scanning, the scanner might look stuck or not responding. Check cpu usage using task manager or similar tool to know if it's actually stuck or not. You can place zlib dlls beside the executable to make it faster.

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