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XTool (2019) 1908_R6

by Razor12911

  1. Mickey1s
    XTool is created by Razor12911

    precomp - data precompressor

    xtool precomp:method1,method2,methodN...aram1,param2,paramN... input output


    c# - scanning range of precompressor [16mb]
    t# - number of working threads [Threads/2]
    h# - history database size [0mb]

    First release


    - No idea whether x64 works or not, I just somehow managed to compile. That's up to you to find out.
    - Reflate currently is set to use level 6, if you are looking for better output, best to use the old xtool. The reason it's like this is because I'm still working on a way to improve the horrible slow code I used before.
    - Skip verification option is currently unavailable.

    What I can say, run a lot of tests on this release. I've written some dangerous memory saving code and it may cause errors but if all is well then I can move on to add other codecs such as oodle, lzo, lz4 and the rest. BTW, crilayla will NOT be added, that piece of crap is incredibly slow

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