REtool (RE Engine Unpacker/Repacker)

REtool (RE Engine Unpacker/Repacker) 0.213

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Modding tool for RE Engine titles (Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Devil May Cry 5) letting you extract PAK files and convert textures to and from DDS. For installing and testing mods for RE Engine games, you should use Fluffy Manager 5000.

If you're going to unpack a PAK, remember to get an exhaustive file list for RE2 or DMC5. Here are some sources of file lists:

The tool comes with various batch files to help with automating operations:
  • extract-pak.bat - Drag a PAK file onto this to unpack it (remember to manually edit the batch file and update the filename of the filelist. By default it's set to RE2's file list name).
  • texture-conv.bat - Drag and drop TEX/DDS textures files to convert them (note that for converting DDS to TEX, you'll need the original TEX file in the same directory as the tool updates the TEX file rather than creating it from scratch).
  • texture-conv-all-dds.bat - Run this to convert all DDS files in the same directory to TEX.
  • texture-conv-all-tex.bat - Run this to convert all TEX files in the same directory to DDS.

A couple of notes:
  • By default, extract-pak.bat has "-skipUnknowns" set which means it will not extract files with unknown filename. Remove this if you want those files extracted too.
  • DDS -> TEX conversion works by copying over the image data. It does not update any part of the TEX header, so you should make sure the image type, size, and mipmap count are the same. This information is displayed when you convert from TEX to DDS. Note that the mipmap count shown includes the primary image as one mip.
  • You can add "-tex" to extract-pak.bat if you want the tool to convert all found TEX files to DDS while extracting a PAK archive.
  • Here's a guide explaining my preferred workflow for converting images to DDS:
  • Here's a guide listing various workflows for iterating on mod development:

Thanks to Ekey who has done work figuring out the PAK format used in RE Engine games. He also created a hook letting us dump filenames from RE Engine games.
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