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pUnity - Unity game file precompressor 2018-03-07

Unity game file precompressor

  1. Mickey1s
    This was originally a test tool, reason it was not posted here was the fact that I left that decision to the person who helped make it in the first place, my reason was the fact that it uses temps at its current state and I hate those so there is literary no point in posting it, it doesn't come with internal diff maker so there is a chance the restored file might have crc mismatch meaning xdelta has to be used, it's also slow af due to the settings used plus also it doesn't come with multi threading for stream restoration, there is no stdio and it doesn't work on all Unity files, headers are not the same for some versions.

    Decided to post it since a few people seem interested in it.

    Автор - Razor12911
    Тема - http://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=101557