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Freearc What Method - Funny name to call a program, well that's the question you guys keep asking on this forum, what method does some release group use, you're gonna get banned at some point.

So lets have an agreement, you must never post anything related to those RGs on this thread then you can download the attachment then use it privately for educational purposes.

I'm trying to cut the same questions that are always asked then after a few hours, thread has a lot of things that break forum rules.

Anyways, what this program "Freearc What Method" does is it tells you exactly what method was used on a certain archive regardless if it was compressed using normal or custom Freearc.

How to use?
All you do is get the RGs installation unarc.dll and add it in FreearcWM.ini, and copy dll to DLLs folder.
Set up what method you want to find within the archive, use reference on the arc.ini that came with the installation.
Drag and drop archive onto FreearcWM.exe then you will get information.

Success rate?
Well it has 80% success rate on the data sets I tested, some methods are truncated but they are filled up with common methods found on arc.ini which you must set up under "UsedMethods" section, then suggestion will be given as to what is the truncated method.
If archive has a lot of files, it becomes difficult to get method.
Any archive that has a password doesn't work.


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