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DLL FireMonkey Skin Library - ISFMXFW 2020-10-07

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ISFMXFW is dll which you can design and code firemonkey in inno (vcl) and also a bit optimized in the new updated version of fmxhandler dll.

FForm is fmx form to merge with parent form or wizard form
FRectangle is a rectangle shape you can use to show image or shape as per your requirement
FPie is pie shape and you can also use as a progress bar
FCircle is circle shape the same as a pie
FArc is usually use as a progress bar and use it as per your req
FButton is to create a button in fmx form which is merged with the form in inno
FLabel is to create a label in fmx form
FEdit for to create discredit
FSwitch is used to create win10 on-off switch (example 2 has it)
FCheckBox for checkbox
FMemo for memo you can add it by line or load from file
FAniIndicator is to create a modern rotating circle which u already found in win10
FListBox is for Listbox creation
FLayout is for layout same as a rectangle but for adding some objects inside it to hide and show and to make animation
FScrollBox used to create Scrollbox
FProgressBar for creating a progress bar
some glow and blur effects also added
RunExecutable is the same as shellexecute u can use it execute exe or links

For more info about component available check "ISFMXFW.iss"

Thanks: Razor19211, ~ XCX ~, shiyamrrc (for testing)
Programmer (Author): Jiva newstone



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