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FIFA 19 Cas Decryption Tool + Precompressor 2018-12-13

от Razor12911

  1. Mickey1s
    Hi again, here's the release of the decryption + precompressor for this particular game.

    Game devs decided to use very high compression settings, all I can say is gg [​IMG] to the developers and be ready to suffer from long precompression/restoration times on this one.

    Use the kraken precompressor provided in the attachment along with the oodle library, I have made a few adjustments to the binary for it to restore streams without issues, I admit some streams are left behind [​IMG]

    Some results
    Patch\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_ 05\cas_01.cas

    Compressed 1 file, 210,057,699 => 602,065,292 bytes. Ratio 286.62%

    Tested 1 file, 602,065,292 => 210,057,699 bytes. Ratio 286.62%

    Initial release uploaded


    - Added decoding functionality