ARCtool (ARC unpacker/repacker)

ARCtool (ARC unpacker/repacker) 0.9.428

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A command line tool I made for unpacking and repacking ARC files.


- Extract and repack ARC container files, supports most MT Framework games.
- Using text file as reference for file order (required for Dragon's Dogma and many archives for RE6)
- Real extension support for RE5 and Dragon's Dogma (also has an incomplete extension list for other games
- Support for no compression, dynamic compression or always compression when repacking archives (RE6 and RE5 on xbox requires every file to be compressed)
- Automatic conversion of TEX (pc and xbox only).
- Automatic conversion of GMD (xbox only).
- Automatic renaming of stages in RE5 and RE6.
- Support for xbox, pc, and ps3 ARC files
- Texture files can be converted separated or while extracting/repacking arc containers. (doing it separately only works with 360 and PC tex files).
- XFS conversion. XFS files are used to define a lot of gameplay and other data in MTF games and ARCtool can convert most of them. More info here:

Tested and supported games (ARCtool is compatible with nearly every MT Framework title on PC and most MTF games on consoles):
- Devil May Cry 4
- Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
- Resident Evil 0 HD
- Resident Evil HD
- Resident Evil 5
- Resident Evil 6
- Resident Evil: Revelations
- Resident Evil: Revelations 2
- Dragon's Dogma
- Dragon's Dogma Online

Example usage via command prompt:
xbox-re6 s0305.arc
xbox-re6 s0305
pc-re5 fig01.arc
pc-re5 fig01

Usage via Windows Explorer:
Drag and drop ARC files onto the batch files to extract, and drag and drop directories onto the batch files to repack.

Read the readme.txt for more detailed info about the tool.

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