AES finder for UE4 .pak archives

AES finder for UE4 .pak archives 0.9f

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1) Place xxxx-Shipping.exe in the same folder with AES_finder.exe.
2) Run AES_finder.exe and wait around 15-30 seconds (depends on your processor and the game).
3) Key.txt should appear in the same folder.

Java Runtime Environment 8 or above is required.
Please note that protected files are not supported!
Use Steamless on exe files from Steam first or
dump them, if they're from Microsoft Store.
Dumping also works for protected EGS and Steam games.

This is just POC (proof of concept), so it's not optimized and it doesn't handle exceptions. But it shouldn't run more than ~45 seconds for 100MB file on a system with 2 physical cores. If you don't know how to dump protected games (from Microsoft Store or any other place), read corresponding section from this topic:
Note that explained dumping process works only in generic cases and it's not compatible with complicated protections.

Update history for AES finder:
  • 0.9b: Bleeding Edge is supported, unless they'll change something related in the code.
  • 0.9c: Last Oasis is also supported.
  • 0.9d: Finder can now detect protected games.
  • 0.9e: Small fixes.
  • 0.9f: Additional message in case if a key is not found
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