JojoDiff [Jojo's Binary Diff]

JojoDiff [Jojo's Binary Diff] 0.85

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JojoDiff [Jojo's Binary Diff] - Patcher just like XDelta and HDiffZ

Patcher just like XDelta and HDiffZ. Also, open source.

JDIFF differentiates two files so that the second file can be recreated from the first
by "undiffing". JDIFF aims for the smallest possible diff-file.

For example:
jdiff -j old-file.tar new-file.tar dif-file.jdf
jdiff -u old-file.tar dif-file.jdf new-file2.tar
will recreate new-file2.tar identical to new-file.tar.

jdiff.exe -j -vvv <old file> <new file> <patch file>
jdiff.exe -u -vvv <old file> <patch file>...
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