Any way to protect NSIS against decompile?


Is there any to way to protect script and installer from decompiling.,? something like this in innosetup by altef_4 Inno Setup Script Protect Project

I found this:
As a general note to software developers, you should use a plugin like DCryptDll if you need to protect certain files in your installer.

.. or if ya in the mood for compiling the NSIS have a look into nsis-3.xx-src\Source\exehead\fileform.h. Mixing up the order of the enum with all the EW_* a little bit as recommend in the Comment. It will mess up decompilers output that expect these tokes to be in the standard order.

Or shift or enlarge the .reloc section in the PE-header by 0x400. <-I saw that trick @ some old 'conduit'-adwareinstaller. Inserting so fill bytes between the EOF-exe at the start of the script might also do the trick to stop 7-zip and maybe some Antiviruses.
The last tut (Or shift or enlarge the .reloc section in the PE-header by 0x400.) seems to be nice solution any steps or advice how to do that..? im trying do it with PE.Tools with PE Editor but without sucess.. :( Thx in advance for replies guys.. :)


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