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Greetings, Forum Users.
Presenting... Installer Creator

Release Notes:

This program helps you create installation packages for softwares, files or games of your choice.
Moving on to managing your installer package information to designing your installations, the Installer Creator has limitless function for your endless desires as a freeware.

Installer Creator System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

·   Intel or AMD Dual Core Processor running at 2.4GHz
·   1GB System Memory
·   128 MB Graphic Processing Unit with Shader Model 4.0(DirectX 10)
·   Windows Vista
Recommended Requirements

·   Intel or AMD Dual Core Processor running at 3.0GHz
·   2GB System Memory
·   512 MB Graphic Processing Unit with Shader Model 4.0(DirectX 10)
·   Windows 7

Installer Creator Changelog

v2.7.0 (Current Version)

·   Updated Interface
·   Fixed Designing bug.
·   Update components and tasks by adding dependence.
·   IC Now resizable
·   Updated grid structure
·   Grid auto resize added
·   Updated compiler
·   Software launch conditions added.
·   Tasks updated from 10 to unlimited
·   Registries updated from 10000 to unlimited
·   Components updated from 10 to unlimited
·   All media updated from 10000 to unlimited
·   Serial code generator added.
·   File error at the end of installation if multidisc fixed
·   System performance changer added for all sorts of computer hardware.
·   Inno Setup script optimized from 31301 lines to ~ 17000 lines
·   Installer creator updater removed.
·   Installer creator file structure updated.
·   Setup.ini no longer used.
·   IC Task manager added.
·   Fixed file associations.
·   And more.

·   Updated Interface.
·   Fixed Icon bug during installation.
·   Fixed Language button bug.


Fixed Autorun Theme Bug.
Upgraded from 3 to 1000 Internal Files.
Fixed and Updated Components
Added tutorials thanks to Inge for his wonderful work, don't know how he did it but I guess we all have our specialties. Thanks.
Thanks to some forum users who helped or who still help with creating Installer Creator.
Saving and compiling errors fixed.
Minor adjustments.
Updater Improved.
Server changed and updated.
Codejock Theme function removed, it prevents some functions from working.
Fullscreen slideshow now works with ProgressBar unlike 10 seconds slider.
Fixed after installation error.
Vietnamese Language updated.
Shadows disabled.
Fixed compiling error when Autorun is disabled.
Improved installation details.
Updated languages.
Updater executable improved, (Online).
Fixed .ictp bug when opening it with InstallerCreator.exe
Fixed connection error bug when offline.
Update bug fixed.
Server changed and updated.
added compression method MSC by ProFrager [EXPERIMENTAL]
Template feature removed, what's the point of having a feature that is malfunction and the fact that people don't even notice it since they don't use it at all.
Internet media downloader added.
Fixed language condition bug.
Remove page preview.
Updated welcome page
Data recovery replace with default data recovery.
Updater updated.
Server changed.
Installer back to offline mode.
Minor changes.

Installation packages now no longer have, setup.ini and autorun.exe
Improved installation licensing and now each language can have it's very own documents and information
Installer Creator templates and projects supported in v1 won't work in v2 because of new system.
Connection errors improved.
CPU Usage bar added.
Connection errors fixed.
Improved performance.
Added startup dialog.
Improved installation licensing.
Added some wizard pages preview.
Updates information updated.
Quiz dialog added.
Connection timeout decreased.
Improved executable shortcut creation.
Font color animation added.
Fixed autorun splash, button sounds and etc.
Fixed Music On/Off Button.
Fixed errors when loading projects.
Fixed minimize and close buttons in autorun.
Fixed splash loading from project to Installer Creator.
Installer Creator Files updated.
Work recovery added.
System check updated.
Added shadows.
Updated application updater
Added Font size animator


Initial rlease (Public).
Script updated for false read information.
Button selection/resize and move improved.
Fixed music player bug.
Button font color animation removed.
Online updates feature added.
Registry feature added.
Button font size improved.
Added version information detail.
Added additional options for installation packages.
Total Installation information details in Control Panel.
Template and offline updates added(.icu and .ictp).
Registry feature updated for DWord and Binary data.
64-Bit (x64) package added
Multi background image added.
Disc prompt updated and improved.
Custom background for Installer Creator feature added.
Template creator added.
Registry feature updated.
Multi image, slideshow and splash browse improved for termination.
Small installer feature added.


Initial release (Non-Public).
Installer PRO v1.1.2 script used.
Bugs fixed thanks to a number of users.
Fixed performance issue.
Fixed color reverses issue.
Remove alpha color.
Troubleshoot feature removed.
Alpha/Transparent background removed.
Change theme removed.


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