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Inno Script Studio

Программа для создания и компиляции скриптов Inno Setup.

  1. Inno Script Studio [20.10.2015]

    • Added the following [Setup] directives to the Scintilla Lexer:
      • SetupMutex
      • SignToolRetryCount
      • Output
    • Fixed additional corner case issues when importing Registry files
    • Fixed issue when opening an Inno setup file with an uppercase extension (*.ISS)
    • Fixed issues when running Pre/Post compiler actions recieving an incorrectly quoted command line when the action was set to use the cmdprompt flag
    • Fixed issue when converting file paths...
  2. Inno Script Studio [07.03.2015]

    Список изменений:
    • Removed partially completed Save Files Pick List dialog when closing the program
    • Fixed issue with the New Project dialog not showing the option to create a new themed installer
    • Fixed issue with Parameters not being correctly detected if there was no space after the colon
    • Fixed issue with the Pre/Post-compile actions incorrectly setting the current dir when running batch scripts