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ZSTD precompressor 2019-02-09

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ZSTD precompressor - ZSTD precompressor

Hi guys, here's another tool and to be honest, I have no idea if this thing works properly, I don't have space on my PC and I don't want to start deleting stuff without proper inspection as to what is important and what isn't.

Anyways enough about that, I did run a single test on the first 200mb of Resident Evil 2 of that massive pak file it has and this was the result:

Compressed 1 file, 209,715,200 => 390,911,469 bytes. Ratio 186.40%
Compression time: cpu 0.38 sec/real...
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Compressed 1 file, 23,742,743,266 => 34,585,476,465 bytes. Ratio 145.67%
Compression time: cpu 21.17 sec/real 606.15 sec = 3%. Speed 39.17 mB/s
All OK
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