1. SakAwans

    ReNamer v1.0 - A File Renaming Tool v1.0

    Hi all Introducing ReNamer v1.0 - A File Renaming Tool This tool allows you to quickly and easily rename files in a specified directory according to a specified pattern. It even generates a batch file named Rename.bat and a Restore.bat file to undo any changes. ReNamer v1.0 - A File Renaming...
  2. sergey3695

    hj-join 0.2

    The program will join all .001, .002, etc files which reside in the same directory. These numbered files are the output of the splitting program HJSplit. As an example look at the following directory contents: test.exe.001 test.exe.002 test.exe.003 test.exe.004 monkey.txt.001 monkey.txt.002...