1. Mickey1s

    CLS CLS-BCM (multithreaded) 2022

    Compression: cls-bcm.dll cls-bcm.ini bcm.exe Decompression: cls-bcm.dll cls.ini bcm.exe cls-bcm.ini : ; For compression Only. ; It is not necessary to use this file as it uses the default values. ; defaults: [ Chunk= 128m, Thread= 100p, Exe= .\bcm.exe, Options= -64, Validation= 1...
  2. Shegorat

    bcm 1.65

    BCM - это мощный компрессор на основе BWT Использование: bcm [options] infile [outfile] Опции: -b# Set block size to # MB (default: 16) -d Decompress -f Force overwrite of output file Автор: Ilya Muravyov