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XTool (2019) 1908_R6

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Update available

- Added zlib codec placeholder (zlib)
- Added zstd universal stream detection
- Added kraken, mermaid, selkie universal stream detection
- Fixed plugin issues
- Improved lz4, lzo, zstd, oodle processing speeds
- Removed lzx placeholder (codec complicated)
Update available

- Added lzo1x universal stream detection (alpha)


I've ran a few tests on Far Cry 3 + Blood Dragon and seems like it is working, what you must know is this thing is slow but there is still room for improvement. For each stream detected, there are 2 trials taken and from those trials at least one of them is incorrect furthermore from those 2 trials, there is level detection from level 1-9 so you can imagine the speed deduction but there are ways to improve this somewhere down the line.

Maximum stream support is 4MB, any stream larger than this is not considered.

Streams compressed with lzo1x_999 are the only ones supported.

And don't use this on Unreal Engine games or games that have been compressed with something like lzopro because it will NOT work.
- Compatiblity broken (old history db and inputs cannot work in this version)
- Added plugin support
- Added LZ4 codec placeholders (lz4,lz4hc)
- Added LZO codec placeholders (lzo1c,lzo1x,lzo2a)
- Added ZSTD codec placeholders (zstd)
- Added Oodle codec placeholders (lzna,kraken,mermaid,selkie,leviathan)
- Added LZX codec placeholders (lzx)
- rzlib codec removed (use zlib)
- Added x86 memory limit
Update available

- Updated history size feature
- Added save/load history file feature
- Improved processing speed

The benefits of the usage history database files

I'll use GTAV as an example, it's a huge game and has a lot of highly compressed streams.

So if you were compressing this game and you messed up the srep/lolz settings or your PC shutdown unexpectedly due to several reasons like powercuts or windows forcing updates and etc, if xtool already stored a database then it will load it up with all the information that was used in previous precompression session on the same input to speed up the process because it will know what needs to be done and what settings should be used.

Here's an example on update.rpf (GTAV)

on first run:

Compressed 1 file, 814,551,040 => 1,616,722,602 bytes. Ratio 198.48%
Compression time: cpu 1.78 sec/real 77.43 sec = 2%. Speed 10.52 mB/s
since I have processed this input before, xtool loaded up history file:
Compressed 1 file, 814,551,040 => 1,616,722,602 bytes. Ratio 198.48%
Compression time: cpu 2.50 sec/real 26.25 sec = 10%. Speed 31.03 mB/s

The reason I decided to add this feature was because of games compressed with ridiculously high compression settings resulting in precompression being very slow so then I wanted people to save time by allowing at least one of us to process the game then share their database file with everyone so that they can use it to save time on precompressing the same game.

This xtool is already faster than the old one and I just had to find more ways to give you guys more speed.

Note: It doesn't matter if the input is different from the one that was used to create a specific history file, an example to explain this, if one used GTAV with latest update to make a history file, a person who has the first release of GTAV without any updates can still use the same history file without problems or visa versa, if a game got updated and you wanted to compress it again with the new files, you can use the old history file.
Update available

- Fixed MT hanging issues
- Fixed reflate issues
- Fixed memory issues
- Improved zlib codec
- Added auto reflate level detector
- Fixed aborting issues when used via stdio

If there is a file where this xtool fails to precompress better or the same as ztool, pzlib, reflate or precomp, please upload it.