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UBT | Unity Bundle Tool 1.01

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Update for 15/7/22
  • AssetsTools.NET library upgraded from v2.0.11 to v2.0.12.
  • AssetsTools.NET library made external to the executable.
What this means is that you can now update the library without needing a compiled executable. Useful for any future updates from nesrak1.

Download the latest build from the AssetsTools.NET GitHub and grab the file "AssetsTools.NET.dll" from the zip. Put it in the same folder as UBT.EXE and you're good to go. I don't mind compiling a "standalone" version with the library merged into the executable if someone would like that.

Also there's no support for Powerwash Simulator because the bundles are strange. Here's a quote from sowwyitsnalt when we were discussing the bundles:

Originally Posted by sowwyitsanalt
The bundles themselves seem to be broken, maybe by the devs, basically what happens is the bundle has a size of 16735030, but it reports the data starts at 1487 and is of length 16735288 so it would end after the actual bundle