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Oodle precompressor 1.3 (R4)

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Update available


- Fixed compatibility issues thanks to FitGirl and ZAZA4EVER
Update available


- Fixed compatibility issues... hopefully, give big thanks to ShivShubh and FitGirl for helping and community for tests
Update available


- Fixed crashing issues
- Improved scanner
- Added mermaid precompressor, tested on AC Origins, try it out on Odyssey (if it uses oodle in the first place) and report back


oo2reck = kraken precompressor
oo2recm = mermaid precompressor
oo2recs = selkie precompressor
// reason for them being separated is, there is no stats handler being added in the source yet meaning if I combined all, precompression speed will be reduced drastically so they are left individually at the moment
// if you're wondering what happened to jc4, just use selkie instead, its the same thing. so you should have oo2reck+oo2recs for that game

Future changes

- Detect proper uncompressed sizes resulting in all streams being detected because currently, a few streams get left behind
- Combine all codecs