NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)

NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) 3.05

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F.1.1 Release Notes
ANSI targets are deprecated, consider moving to Unicode.

F.1.2 Changelog
F.1.2.1 Major Changes
  • Added PEAddResource and PERemoveResource
  • Added LoadAndSetImage
  • Allow quoted library path in System::Call (bug #546 and bug #1225)
  • Improved nsExec Unicode and tab output parsing (bug #1232)
F.1.2.2 Minor Changes
  • Added experimental ManifestLongPathAware attribute
  • %1 in !finalize command can be specified multiple times
  • Fixed -O stderr stream issue (bug #1221)
  • Fixed InstallLib .NSI space-in-path bug (bug #1222)
  • StrFunc now supports a "using" idiom to help with forward-declaration of functions (bug #1229)
  • Added SectionInstType
  • Zero uninitialized data in icon group (bug #1230)
  • Automatically doubles ampersands in the Name attribute
  • Fixed nsDialogs CB/LB_Get/SetItemData macros (bug #1238)
F.1.2.3 Translations
  • Updated Hindi (patch #291) and Portuguese (bug #1219)
F.1.1 Changelog
F.1.1.1 Major Changes
  • Preliminary Windows 10 support
F.1.1.2 Minor Changes
  • Added !appendfile /RawNL switch
  • Added PESubsysVer attribute
  • Exec[Wait] sets the CREATE_DEFAULT_ERROR_MODE flag when creating a process
  • Fixed 4+ TiB freespace calculation bug (bug #1115)
  • Fixed CreateShortcut /NoWorkingDir parsing bug (bug #1110)
  • Fixed minor issues in the Pascal NSIS plug-in SDK and removed the extrap global variable
  • nsDialogs and InstallOptions now use the system link color
F.1.1.3 Build System
F.1.1 Release Notes
It's the holiday gift you've been waiting for!

F.1.1.1 Known Issues
  • The POSIX build is getting much closer, but still currently broken
  • LangDLL doesn't display localized language name with Unicode false
F.1.2 Changelog
F.1.2.1 Major Changes
  • !include defaults to UTF-8 after Unicode True
  • Preprocessor does not parse all branches and will not validate code that is never executed (bug #1086)
F.1.2.2 Minor Changes
  • FileRead in Unicode installers can handle DBCS, conversion output is limited to UCS-2.
  • FileRead in Unicode installers now uses the Unicode replacement character (U+FFFD) for invalid characters and not '?'.
  • FileReadByte no longer performs a Unicode conversion on non-ASCII characters
  • Windows 8.1 & 2012R2 support in WinVer.nsh
  • Fixed !define Unicode null terminator bug (bug #1079)
  • Unicode stubs create WCHAR richedit controls (bug #1080)
  • Fixed !macroundef
  • Fixed MakeNSISW default pushbutton and tab order
  • Fixed incorrect page count in compiler statistics