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CLS DiskSpan R1

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The freearc plugin allows Freearc splited archives, perfect for multi disk unpacking processes (Conversions etc.) also serves as a replacement for UltraARC.

CLS-DiskSpan unlike UltraARC which merged archives back in order for unpacking to be possible does not merge archives meaning less IO meaning more speed and better size output.

The method diskspan should come after all methods you would have used for compression.

The disk span method comes with two parameters. The first parameter is for first volume size, the second one is for all volumes apart from the first.
e.g. diskspan:390mb:400mb, 390mb in this case is the first volume size then the rest of the volumes will be 400mb

For conversions:

CLS-DiskSpan comes with two parameters that can be executed directly from Freearc if cls is used.

"--sort" and "--makeiso"

--sort simply moves the created archives in their converted disk folders readying them for burning to disc, it automatically creates autorun.inf and places setup icons and etc.
--makeiso just creates disc images from the sorted folders with the use of "oscdimg.exe" which should be placed in the same folder as Freearc.

Known issues:

Theoretically CLS-DiskSpan should NOT work with file extension grouping (masks)
The archive should be fully solid for CLS-DiskSpan to work.
OpenDialog or random errors that occur in Inno Setup are due to long directory paths
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