Advanced Setup Creator

Advanced Setup Creator 0.0.6

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-Further optimisation
-Fixed startup bugs.
-Added move up and down under installation configuration to adjust when task should take place properly.
-Fixed constants
-Fixed video item
-Added slideshow feature (Quite buggy, still have to work on it)
-Fixed sync states bug partially (More needs to be done)
-Designed form can be bigger than bound form making the mouse cursor movement come into play to adjust content inside the bound form.
-Added ShiftX and ShiftY if actual form is larger than bound form.
-Added form scale adjuster incase if the installer is smaller or bigger, then just adjust the size with ease.
-Fixed video display size, now video fits according how you placed it on the designer except if the codec used is H.264 then it just fits instead of fill.
-Fixed memo and edit item readonly bug.
-Updated statusmessage feature for memo item, auto scroller added to show current status.
-Adjusted Enabled and Visible properties to make use of conditions.
-Updated effects
-Fixed perform bug.
-Fixed dialog bug if dialog is already open, main can still be used.
-Fixed music and video bug startup error/bug if no sound card or if media file is not supported.
-Updated animations, previous version projects may not work if compiling due to this update, to fix this, use v0.0.5, remove animation commands and read them in 0.0.6.
-Removed state change and page change animations, (will be readded at later stage, for now they slow down installation).
-Added button sounds.
-Added splash screen.
-Constants and variables updated to reduce cpu usage (New custom method used and can be buggy at the same time).
-Human errors ignore feature added, in case when using the math expression feature or animations, people tend to end up with division by zero errors, logarithmic errors or anything related to math calculations that is invalid.
-Added shell execution feature, bat files can be executed.
-Added registry feature.
-Added kill task, restart task, suspend task and etc features (Task Manager features)
-Added progress detection if running a decompressor or any other application, if size is given and show window is false, the installer will detect how much data the running application has written on disk then compare it to the given size then progress can be calculated. (Tested with BCM compressor and 99.9% accuracy achieved)
-Added file association to program feature.
-Added installer simulation (Case if you want to see how the progressbar moves when installing in under 10 seconds).
-Updated system check bugs, things like installed ram size are correctly detected.
-Fixed fullscreen bug.
-Fixed video background bug (Partially, form cannot be dragged on some regions).
-Added save, load or compile bug fix incase if antivirus interferes, retry feature added, up to 10 times. This reduces the chances of losing your work if error shows up.
-Added icon bug fix. (Partially, haven’t found a proper fix).
-ASC main program now runs without admin rights.
-program association added for asc extension files.
-Don't remember what else...
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