Unreal Engine 4 Decryption Tool

Unreal Engine 4 Decryption Tool R6

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- Added block limiter (default 64 blocks), increase to catch larger streams, -b to change limit
- Added support for input with the same header structure as Rune II, -m2 for its usage


- Block limiter added speed, something I had forgotten in the other releases. You can set high values, it won't affect speed that much compared to before.


ue4dt.exe [parameters] [hexkey]


-c# = chunksize[k,m,g]
-b# = number of blocks
-m# = method (1 = games that use borderlands3, street figher v... format, 2 = games that use rune ii format)

- Fixed minor issues, thanks ShivShubh
- Added chunk size option as requested, its setting is optional


- This thing does not work like xtool where setting small/big chunk size has little to no difference, if an encrypted stream is truncated, it will not be decrypted
- Make sure the chunk size you use when encoding is the same as the one you set when decoding
- You may also have noticed, the key and chunk size are repeated when encoding and when decoding (the command line), that is because this tool does not store headers of its own to recall this information, which is why I did mention that the input/output size is always the same
- You can input a different key if you plan on reencrypting the data using another key, not sure why you would be doing that though but it is possible

ue4dt.exe e|d[chunksize] key <stdin> <stdout>

- Replaced old SHA and AES functions for more optimized ones


- This is backwards compatible with first release, it's just faster