QuickBMS 0.11

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  • SearchArray command,
  • Reimport command,
  • additional options in quickbmsver,
  • idstring and findloc now supporting wildcard single bytes (up to 32),
  • better support for some operators in xmath,
  • String now works with binary data (may break compatibility with some scripts),
  • GARBro and other compressions,
  • choose algorithm in lz77wii_compress,
  • improved PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC and BytesToKey,
  • added Rfc2898DeriveBytes,
  • removed tcc symbol that didn't work on Win98 and added few others,
  • calldll supporting entrypoint/rva2file/vatofile/fileto2va/file2va,
  • conflicting symbols from some compressions now static,
  • solved append -1, get filename/path/* on sockets and http links now returns better results,
  • slog to memory_file,
  • fixed bug that asked to overwrite files in append mode,
  • fixed some strings parsing in Encryption EXECUTE,
  • fixed Encryption REPLACE,
  • support for unicode filenames in command-line and in directory scanning,
  • fixed bug in creation of folders with unicode names,
  • visualization of additional info in case of error,
  • added support for MEMORY_FILE[FILENUM],
  • librtomcrypt recompiled without LTC_ARGCHK error,
  • experimental -y option for json output,
  • some optimizations of multidimensional arrays and String X,
  • opening of TEMPORARY_FILE not affecting the names of the input (filename/fullname/basename),
  • -e option in reimport2 mode for disabling compressions,
  • full list of commands in the -c option,
  • endian argument for reverseshort/long/longlong,
  • SLog ID argument for selecting reimport of strings,
  • fix clean_filename rare bug,
  • C structs now require ok from user,
  • fix for get longlong,
  • json deserialization (String X) now handles backslash escapes,
  • String = supporting the current endian,
  • filexor/filerot/filecrypt fix negative offset,
  • SLog with binary type produces an output with all bytes in hex (cstring),
  • String H operator for converting variable to cstring,
  • condition fix for some rare binary strings,
  • condition new prefix 0 working like String,
  • Print colors,
  • FindLoc regex,
  • the FILENUM argument of filexor/rot/crypt is now working (default behavior is all files as before),
  • getarray/putarray multiple arguments,
  • fixed bug in calldll with over 12 arguments,
  • Get VAR ??? for prompt from user,
  • continue/break/label fix,
  • putvarchr longlong,
  • clang support (tested on Termux Android),
  • gcc 10 support,
  • get variable3/variable4 64bit,
  • swprintf removal,
  • oodle (kraken/lzna/bitknit) support on Linux,
  • lz4x_compress fix,
  • Append mode 2 for insert mode,
  • Append mode also working with Put* commands,
  • tcc long long support,
  • putdstring with negative size,
  • -J using VARSZF instead of VARSZ (may cause issues),
  • Encryption Math fix for using variables,
  • improved xmemdecompress on Linux,
  • new code for ppmdh and ppmdi,
  • dump of command-line arguments if invalid,
  • various improvements and optimizations
Список изменений:
  • added some few commands similar to 010 Editor,
  • additional work-around for handling multiline strings,
  • full support for float operations and visualization (get/put/math/print/calldll),
  • automatic fixing of ASIZE variables in reimport3,
  • experimental unicode32/utf32 type,
  • fix for rare FDSE issue in GUI mode,
  • d3des and chacha20 encryption,
  • improvements in tomcrypt support,
  • fix for Encryption algorithm string,
  • rotor default value is now 6,
  • ZIP_AES now fully working, CallDLL Python, CallDLL Lua,
  • fixed crash if no RET in Calldll,
  • added some symbols (like printf) in calldll tcc,
  • rare issue with multidimensional arrays
QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.8.4
  • fix and warnings for reimport2 with sequential offset,
  • nvache compression,
  • fix for putvarchr using strings,
  • cipherfinal support for openssl algorithms,
  • BCryptDecrypt encryption,
  • backtrace.c 64bit compatibility,
  • fix for fdnum indexing in file.c,
  • fix for slog in reimport mode with encryption filecrypt,
  • append mode visualization symbol,
  • comtype explode in reimport mode,
  • now reimport2 clears the original space if new file is bigger,
  • fix for qfs compression,
  • base64 small fix,
  • swprintf gcc 7,
  • fix for String VAR t VAR,
  • lz77wii in reimport mode and level5_compress, comtype html/xml/json
QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.7
  • macosx compatibility
  • fix for reverse FindLoc
  • fix for Print with -Q
  • removed tag SCRIPT's MESSAGE when using Print, added _ and . trim operators in String
  • new and updated compression algorithms
  • SortArray switched from signed to unsigned (more useful)
  • fix for comtype sixpack, lbalzss and SCUMMVM9
  • coverage statistics showing also the current offset
  • better handling of If statements with values coming from arrays
  • -K option, fix for tea_setup in encrypt mode
QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.6a
  • fixed unicode endianess in internal code
QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.6
  • fixed bug in FindLoc introduced in 0.7.5, compatibility for opening paths and filenames containing non-english characters (like chinese/korean/japanese directories of MMORPG)
  • Oodle 2.3.0 (now fully working)
  • some new compression algorithms
  • hsel encryption
  • automatic handling of endianess in EDL1 and EDL2 compression
  • removed backtrace library used during crashes to decrease the size and granting compatibility with Windows 98
  • fixed bug in check_wildcard for options -f/-F, fix for recognizing MEMORY_FILE set as key of encryption and other commands
19 Jul 2016 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.5
  • additional argument for FindLoc to specify the ending search offset
  • fixed a bug in FileXor/Rot/Crypt introduced in 0.7.4
  • small fix for the optional arguments of NameCRC
  • small fix for a rare bug in String
  • improved printf and sscanf operators of String
  • new compression algorithms
  • updated Oodle, isaac encryption
  • FreeLibrary called in CallDLL at the end of the script
  • -Z option for replacing all the archived files with zeroes in reimport mode
  • warning about impossibility to reimport files with wildcards
  • fix for the XSIZE field in the Log/CLog commands
  • fix comtype wp16
  • fix for recursive_dir with invalid sub_folders
  • improvements for set_utf8_to_unicode and set_unicode_to_utf8
  • realloc with usage of temporary file in case of failure with big buffers
  • updated algorithms and libraries
  • improved guessed extensions for some nameless files

29 Apr 2016 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.4a
  • fixed a bug in big endian Get byte/short introduced in 0.7.4

21 Apr 2016 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.4
  • fix for String 0 operator
  • Do While working with multiple conditions
  • Endian works also with variables containing the saved value
  • CallDLL usercall fix
  • added various compression algorithms
  • fix for filexor/filerot with negative offset
  • fix for overflowing longlong values read/written using quickbms.exe
  • simple progress visualization for reimporting
  • fixed reimporting of MEMORY_FILEs

31 Jan 2016 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.3
  • fixed the recent issues of quickbms 0.7.2* (back to 0.7.1 method)
  • some new compression algorithms
  • fixed identification of comtype ppmdi_raw
  • fix and improvements for the parameters of the *tea encryptions
  • improvement of ZIP_AES
  • various parts of code set as static
  • small improvements of rsa_tomcrypt
  • String t and T operators to make easier the handling of html/xml
  • Like
Реакции: James2018
12 Dec 2015. QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.2a
  • fixed a bug introduced in 0.7.2 and related to the length of the variables

11 Dec 2015. QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.2
  • now the TEMPORARY_FILE is deleted automatically at the end of the extraction without asking, added the following compression algorithms: PKWARE DCL, IBM TERSE (PACK/SPACK), PKWARE reduce, a configurable LZW engine, ultima6, lz5 and yalz77, 4 additional formats for RSA keys, fix for sortarray with arrays having different elements, SLog supporting offsets till 4Gb - 1, reimport mode for deflatex/zlibx, added ZIP file creation in addition to the ISO one, -Q for really quiet mode, updated some algorithms, increased the number of allowed arguments per line for If and String S, setvbuf to 64Kb (probably useless), fix for Xmemdecompress with lzxnative and lzxtdecode formats, replaced sub_var strdup_replace with manual alloc+memcpy, feature to embed scripts inside quickbms.exe for distribution in modkits

16 Nov 2015. QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.1
  • many fixes: stricmp crash on Linux/WinXP, String =, set basename, putarray, recognizing end of file in fgetxx, coverage statistics of memory files, skip existent files choice/option, double request of files overwrite in some cases, some rare compression algorithms not working correctly, mcrypt comma separator, a couple of magics in sign_ext.c. -i option for creating an ISO image, now some compression algorithms don't give error if the end of output is reached (better for the comtype scanner), undk2 replaced by refpack_decompress_safe, more operators in encryption random and support for bitmasks (like key >> 16), my encryptions like random/math/xmath now support also variables in their configuration, added aes modes ige/bi_ige/heat, less resource used by append log to file, initialization of arrays with multiple input files, 30 new compression algorithms, code improvements and less memory consumed at runtime

31 Oct 2015. QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.0
  • support for wildcards in the selection of input files, fixes in check_condition: constant strings, basename, filepath and filename, String reverselong/short/longlong weren't recognized, new 'y' String operator for alignment, Set to_unicode for converting to utf16, new FULLBASENAME type, better Print hexdump, String with constant strings, important fixes for the String operators: shl, mul, equal, split and cstring, some new compression algorithms, TEMPORARY_FILE now doesn't prompt for overwriting, better handling of same input and output file, Encryption Math with #INPUT#, some default values to the few compressions that required a ditionary value, LZ4 supporting dictionary and returning no errors in case of short output, fix for filexor/filerot with negative values, fix for utf16 conversion, information and fixes in the manual, reimplemented lzrw, balz and quad compressions, added mcomp/libmcomp, irolz, uclpack and ace compressions

14 Sep 2015. QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.6.7a
  • full lzham implementation with parameters brute forcing, better support for MEMORY_FILEs in C structs

14 Sep 2015. QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.6.7
  • variables between quotes are now considered constants, fixed some math/xmath operators, fixed Findloc unicode, some new compression algorithms, experimental Scandir modes for working with processes, quiet option, fix for Open EXISTS in reimport mode, fix for avoiding to create new files with -w using Open, small improvement of comtype lzma_dynamic, fix for some compresison algorithms that take parameters from the dictionary argument on quickbms_4gb_files

04 Aug 2015. QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.6.6a
  • support for negative numbers in String <<, yay0dec compression, fix for the cpk recompression algorithm, but note that it can't be used in reimport mode because the decompression is size-dependent and that value (FileSize in cpk.bms) is left unchanged in reimport mode

02 Aug 2015. QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.6.6
  • experimental reimporting of chunked files, fix for Set VAR strlen VAR, NameCRC allowed to use a MEMORY_FILE (useful for compressed embedded list), fix for NameCRC that skipped hex hashes, added Zopfli for better compression of some files, a couple of new compression algorithms, set correct position of memory file in append mode, don't ask to overwrite in append mode if the file has been created by the script, -O - for stdout output (redirect may not work), fix for long directory names

08 Jul 2015. QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.6.5
  • SLog command for exporting/reimporting strings (game localization), a couple of new compression algorithms, fixed various recompression algorithms, improvement of RSA and added similar encryptions, added most of the eCRYPT algorithms, compatibility with Windows 8.1, fixed a very rare bug in putarray, some minor fixes

29 May 2015. QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.6.4
  • encryption PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC, BytesToKey and ZIP_AES (now zip.bms supports AES too), updated many compression algorithms (LZ4 was necessary for Witcher3), small fix for unzip_dynamic/bzip2
  • new Codepage command for utf16 to utf8 strings conversion (will be improved/expanded in future)
  • base conversion in Math command (binary/octal)
  • fix for the parameters in the Print command after the pipe
  • many new compression algorithms including also recompression (cpk, bpe and nrv are the most important)
  • new argument for Strlen to get the full size of the variable
  • initial implementation of rsa encryption
  • command Append 1 improved to work with Goto
  • additional parameter in xor_prev/next to specify the operation on the last byte
  • fixed a bug in CallDLL introduced in the last version
  • QuickBMS version and information visible in the properties of the exe
  • restored compatibility with Windows 98 (_fstat64 caused by iostream)