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Raw binary file injector 1.2.1

Raw binary file injector - specially designed for quickbms

  1. Mickey1s
    I just finished binary file injector. I could not find good enough tool or with supporting big files on the net so I made this one. It have some advanced features that probably none other have.

    With this tool, you can inject data from one file to another. You can chose from which offset of input file to read and how many bytes to start copying into output file, for which you also can chose offset where to start writing.

    But, it doesn't end there. If your input file name is a decimal number without extension, like "34234" for example, and for output file offset you specify negative number like -1, name of input file itself will be taken as a number and used as offset to output file! This mean for example "prog.exe 34234 outfile -ooff=-1 ..." literally mean: "read data from file "34234" and write it to outfile at offset 34234. This is to make seamless cooperation with quickbms tool when you export files as raw chunks. Just make sure name is a decimal number(and not hexadecimal) and without any extension.

    Furthermore, tool support so called "nostrict" mode. Normally, you cannot write beyond output file boundary and can only overwrite existing bytes. Output file must also exist. This is default behavior for quickbms usage. But, with -nostrict you can create new output file, grow existing one(write more than its current size) or append data to its end. This means you can copy part of input file into new file or inject new data appending to output. You could for example create new file stripped without initial header of original one, or inject virus into binary if you love cats...
    ...ehm, anyway, hope you find it useful.

    by elit

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