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Raw binary file injector 1.2.1

Raw binary file injector - specially designed for quickbms

  1. 1.2.1

    New version 1.2.1 upped. Replaced 2 functions for true 64bit variants, it should now work correctly on big files. Big thanks to @ShivShubh for bug report(pls let me know if it work now, it should).

    Furthermore, I separated output info from error messages. Final output info is written to stdout while errors, warnings and special info is written to stderr. This is helpful if you want to suppress output(with > nul) for quiet mode but still want to see or redirect possible...
  2. 1.2

    New version 1.2: Input filename used as an offset to output can now have an extension(which will be ignored for offset calculation).

    P,S, Possible bug - When I used this injector to inject few files on a 10GB+ file then it said something like "size of the output is zero". It worked fine for a 500 MB file though.
    Hunter нравится это.
  3. 1.1

    New version upped in the first post. Now support zeroing of data. This is an alternative to quickbms -Z option so that .bms script can be used solely for read/extraction, while all writing operations are offloaded to rawinjector.

    This is intended to be used when you dump raw chunks whose filenames are offsets and then want to zero original data file(for repacking). Input files(chunks) and/or their offsets must still exist and be provided.
    Hunter нравится это.