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Precomp 0.4.6

Прекомпрессор с интерфейсом командной строки.

  1. Precomp v.0.4.6 [08.09.2017]

    • Using liblzma for on-the-fly compression (-cl) - thanks to sftt
    • Reduced temporary files usage
    • Much faster intense and brute mode
    • Intense and brute mode can be combined now for best results
    • Smoother progress indicator, second progress indicator in lzma mode
    • Flag -e to preserve file extension (file.ext => file.ext.pcf instead of file.pcf) - thanks to guptaprince
    • JPG...
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  2. Precomp v.0.4.5 [08.05.2016]

    • Updated packJPG to 2.5k, packMP3 to 1.0g
    • Windows version compiled using GCC/G++ 5.3.0 (before: 4.8.1)
    • 32-bit and 64-bit versions (~10-20% faster on 64-bit machines)
    • SWF support adjusted to newer versions
    • MP3 support
    • MP3 and JPG recompression without temporary files for sizes up to 64 MB
    • Fixed memory corruption in packJPG that led to crashes
    • Fixed Base64 streams not being restored correctly in recursion
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  3. Precomp v0.4.4 [14.01.2016]

    • Updated libraries (PackJPG 2.5a -> 2.5j, bZip 1.0.5 -> 1.0.6, zLib 1.2.5 -> 1.2.8 ) (Issue #13)
    • Conversion switch reports filesize now (Issue #11)
  4. Precomp v0.4.4 (unstable) [06.01.2016]

    • Switching windows version to MinGW g++ 4.8.1 for std::thread support. The make script had to be changed (-static, -lpthread) to static link pthread (instead of depending on libwinpthread-1.dll).
    • Fixed windowbits usage for ZIP, gZip and brute mode streams. Trying windowbits is necessary when recompressing only, decompression can use the highest setting 15. This speeds up Precomp for these stream types when decompression isn't successful, especially brute mode...
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  5. Precomp v0.4.3 [01.09.2012]

    • Linux: Added JPG recompression using PackJPG, full compatibility of Windows and Linux PCF files
    • Linux: zLib routines are now as fast as under Windows
    • Windows: Locked files can be read now, multiple Precomp instances can work on the same file
    • Windows: Static zLib and PackJPG linking (no DLLs needed)
    • Major GIF rewrite, Precomp now recompresses most GIF files completely
    • New switch -n for conversion of PCF files (bZip2 <-> no compression)
    • Compression...
  6. Precomp v0.4.2 [25.09.2011]

    • Linux version!
    • Added CTRL-C detection and temporary files cleanup.
    • Added activity indicator.
    • Added optional recursion depth limit for intense and brute mode.
    • Added longhelp switch.
    • Renamed -l (recursion level) to -d (recursion depth).
    • Renamed -slow to -intense.
    • Changed percentage display to use 2 decimal places.
    • Streams that can be completely recompressed are processed about 30% faster now.
    • Various small bugs fixed that led to incorrect...
  7. Precomp v0.4.1 [20.12.2010]

    • ZLIB1.DLL is needed again - static linking led to crashes in some cases.
    • New switch -c for on-the-fly compression, bZip2 used by default ("-c-" restores old behaviour).
    • Old switches -c and -m merged to the new -zl ("zlib levels") switch.
    • Fixed bugs in multi PNG, GIF and penalty bytes handling that led to differences in the recompressed file.
    • Time output is human readable now.
    • Various small bugfixes.
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