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FileOptimizer 12.20.2183

Сжатие разных типов файлов

  1. Что нового? / What's new?

    12.20 - 2018/01/08
    - Fixed a regression in getting donator information (Johnson Lam).
    - Fixed enabling and disabling ads causing a CPU leak (avalanch).
    - Fixed formatting of total files in Information window.
    - Updated gifsicle to 1.91 (custom build).
    - Updated ImageMagick to with HDRI support.
    - Some minor optimizations and code cleanup.

    12.11 - 2017/12/28
    - Fixed accidentally left experimental multithreading code that avoids optimization (Alex Devero).
    - Updated ImageMagick to...
  2. Что нового? / What's new?

    9.50 - 2017/01/10
    - Fixed a regression since FileOptimizer 9.30, that could avoid some plugin optimizations to not being applied (Armin Mueller, signalman).
    - Fixed a bug when LogLevel was 4, when Optimized Size could be reported as 0 bytes in some situations.
    - Updated pingo to 0.52c.
    - Updated ImageMagick with HDRI support.
    - Some minor optimizations and code cleanup.
  3. Что нового? / What's new?

    9.40 - 2017/01/06
    - Added INI setting PDFSkipLayered=false to skip processing of PDF containing layers Optional Content Groups -OCG- (Grahame Bevan).
    - Implemented using Win64 plugins in all Win64 system, even if you run Win32 version of FileOptimizer.
    - Added removing metadata in pngquant if PNGCopyMetadata is disabled.
    - Added Guetzli to the JPEG tool chain when allow lossy compression is enabled (Jyrki Alakuijala).
    - Added pingo to the JPEG and PNG toolchains when copy metadata is...
  4. Что нового? / What's new?

    9.30 - 2016/11/26
    - Installer now supports the /AllUsers argument to install for all users instead of current user (Grahame Bevan).
    - Fixed remove selected files (Shift-Del) always enabled since 9.00 when unified ribbon and regular UI (TPS).
    - Added original and optimized sizes in log file (JoeW).
    - Fixed a bug in mutool that prevented execution on PDF (LeTiger).
    - Disabled Leanify from the JPEG, PNG and ICO toolchains when copy metadata is enabled, because it removed IPTC information...