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AntiZ 0.1.4a

Альтернатива precomp с открытым исходным кодом.

  1. AntiZ v.0.1.4a

    • zlib streams with no compression (clevel=0) were reported as not recompressible
    • fix very rare crash if sizediffTresh is more than 32K
    • less harsh error if file opening fails
    • some debug messages were removed
    • partial chunked processing
    • updated readme
    • readme is now included in the release .7z
    • chunksize can be specified via CLI
  2. AntiZ v0.1.3a [28.06.2015]

    This is a minor release, but it should help usability and bug/regression detection.

    • the reconstructed file is now compared to the original to help find any data corruption bugs that AntiZ might have, this should help developers and testers notice regressions
    • once the testing is done, the reconstructed file is now deleted to save HDD space and prevent clutter
    • the reconstruction and the testing can be disabled with --notest, but this is not recommended as testing is fast and...