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The RAD Video Tools 2.7h/1.300h

Программа для работы с файлами форматов .bik и .smk

  1. The RAD Video Tools 2.7h/1.300h [26.02.2018]

    Changes from 2.7g/1.300g to 2.7h/1.300h (02-26-2018)
    • Added support for UE4 4.19 and soothed the build warnings on 4.17 and 4.18.
    • Updated the WinRT example to compile on Windows Universal 10 (instead of Windows 8.1).
    • Fixed a warning on the D3D11 code when running on the debug layer.
    • Fixed a bug on iOS and Android OpenGL where odd sized videos could have their chroma planes slightly misaligned.
    • Triple buffered the GPU command buffers on PS4 for...
  2. The RAD Video Tools 2.6f/1.200f [06.02.2017]

    Changes from 2.6e/1.200e to 2.6f/1.200f (2-6-2017)
    • On PS4, Bink now sets the async thread affinities to share across the cores that you specify, (so that even if one core is overloaded on some other game code, Bink can continue decoding on the other async cores). In practice, this is makes a big difference in playback speed, when you are doing work in the background. This was already how Bink worked on other platforms (which all have soft thread...
  3. The RAD Video Tools 2.6b/1.200b [14.11.2016]

    Changes from 2.6a/1.200a to 2.6b/1.200b (11-14-2016)
    • Fixed a problem with sound on Linux on UE4 and Unity.
    • Switched to new locking primatives on a number of platforms - should be faster and work around nonsense like Linux clock changes (do not get me started on absolute lock timeouts).
    • Added support for a new secret platform.
    • Fixed crashes in BinkGoto when using GPU decoding and cleaned up seeking in general.
    • Added Windows Universal support...
  4. The RAD Video Tools 2.6a/1.200a [3.10.2016]

    Changes from 2.5u/1.100u to 2.6a/1.200a (10-3-2016)
    • Both Bink 1 and Bink 2 upgraded to play 64-bit video files (larger than 4 GB Bink files). Compressor, mixer, player, runtime all updated. Bink files less than 4GB are still compatible with old versions. These updates pushed some changes out to the memory and file IO callbacks, so very minor code changes may be necessary.
    • Added UE4 support for Xbox One. We now support all native UE4 platforms....
  5. The RAD Video Tools 2.5n/1.100n [5.01.2016]

    Changes from 2.5m/1.995m to 2.5n/1.100n (1-5-2016)
    • Fixed a few bugs with ancient Bink 1 old audio format files.
    • Added new updated Japanese docs.
    • Mac builds now use SSE 3 as their minimum architecture.
    • The RAD tools no longer pre-read all of the images in a still-image sequence. We now assume all of the images are the same size as the first. This starts the compression much more quickly.
    • Reorganized the order that input files are read - if...
  6. The RAD Video Tools 2.5m/1.100m [15.12.2015]

    Changes from 2.5k/1.995k to 2.5m/1.100m (12-15-2015)
    • Fixed a bug in the Binkplayer where it wouldn't use key frames after the current play cursor.

    • Fixed a bug in the Analyze window for videos with more than 64K frames.
    • The RAD Video Tools now run in high DPI mode (on high DPI monitors of course).
    • Added support for importing 24-bit wave files.
    • Fixed the iOS distribution to contain up-to-date Metal support.
    • Made the Xbox build not set the...
  7. The RAD Video Tools 2.5b/1.995b [27.02.2015]

    • Fixed crash when flooding filling non-divisible by 16d alpha plane sizes.

    • Fixed crash when flooding filling a completely empty alpha plane.
    • Fixed a problem where the Bink player wasn't showing the scroll bar.
    • Fixed a problem when Bink would incorrectly warn about movie-wide constant alpha.
    • Fixed a problem where a constant alpha plane could be cleared incorrectly.
    • Fixed a problem where decompression of a constant alpha plane with a height divisible by 16...
  8. The RAD Video Tools v.1.994m

    Список изменений (v.1.994k to v.1.994m):
    • Fixed a bug in the GL and DX11 examples where they weren't calling BinkRegisterFrameBuffers (which has the odd effect of drawing every other frame).
    • Fixed a bug where the DX11 code tried to update the alpha texture, even if it was not initialized.