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Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 6.0.1-beta

Пакет содержащий сам компилятор Inno Setup + дополнительные утилиты (unicode версия).

  1. Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 6.0.1-beta [07.03.2019]

    • Fix: In 6.0.0 it was no longer possible to use [Setup] section directive InfoAfterFile.
    • Pascal Scripting changes:
      • Fix: Added Anchors properties to all controls created by the Create...Page support functions to add full support for WizardResizable and WizardSizePercent.
      • Updated the AllPagesExample.iss example script with examples of all Create...Page support functions.
      • The multi-line edit control created by the...
  2. Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 6.0.0-beta [11.02.2019]

    Inno Setup 6.0.0-beta has been released and introduces a large number of changes.

    Some features included in Inno Setup 6 are:
    • Improved support administrative vs. non administrative install mode.
    • Overridable install mode by the end user at runtime.
      Example: up287vq.png
    • Improved support for side-by-side installations without the odd side effects you would get in previous versions....
  3. Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 5.6.1 [14.06.2018]

    • /LOG: Now logs some additional information about uninstall info saving.
    • The {sendto} constant has been renamed to {usersendto} and now can correctly trigger a used user areas warning. It still returns the same directory: the path to the current user's Send To folder. (There is no common Send To folder.)
    • Minor fixes to the registry entries logging and improved syntax highlighting introduced by the previous version.
    • Minor tweaks.
  4. Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 5.6.0 [08.06.2018]

    • /LOG: Now logs registry entries.
    • Compiler IDE change: Syntax highlighting and syntax error underlining support for #include and ISPP has been significantly improved (with ISPP installed: before and after, without ISPP installed: before and after
    • Change in default behavior:...
  5. Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 5.5.9 [06.04.2016]

    • To further help protect installers against potential DLL preloading attacks, Setup/Uninstall now calls SetDefaultDllDirectories if available to remove the application directory from the DLL search order. If SetDefaultDllDirectories is not available or cannot be called, it now additionally preloads a set of system DLLs...
  6. Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 5.5.8 [13.01.2016]

    • The [Setup] section many now list multiple SignTool directives which will be executed in order of appearance. This can be used to dual sign (SHA1 & SHA256) Setup and Uninstall. This requires a recent signtool.exe version. Inno Setup's own installer is now also dual signed. See the help file for a dual sign example. Without dual signing Windows will no longer trust any of your new...
  7. Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 5.5.7 [28.12.2015]

    • Change in default behavior:
      • As recommended by Microsoft's desktop applications guideline, DisableWelcomePage now defaults to yes. Additionally DisableDirPage and DisableProgramGroupPage now default to auto. The defaults in all previous versions were no.
      • The Setup and Uninstall programs are now marked as DEP and ASLR compatible. This can be disabled setting the new DEPCompatible and ASLRCompatible [Setup] section directives to no. Doing this for...
  8. Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 5.5.6 [16.07.2015]

    • Added the Windows 10 "compatibility" section to the various manifest resources used by Inno Setup. This enables any check for the operating system version to get the real version number (10.0) instead of getting the same version number as it did in Windows 8.1 (6.3).
    • Added new [Setup] section directive: SignToolRetryCount, which defaults to 2. Specifies the number of times the Setup Compiler should automatically retry digital signing on any errors.
    • Added new...
  9. Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 5.5.5 [2014-07-09]

    • /LOG: Now logs INI entries. Also improved logging of icon entries.
    • Added new [Setup] section directive: Output, which defaults to yes. If set to no the Setup Compiler will only check the script for errors and skip creating setup files.
    • Console-mode compiler (ISCC) changes:
      • Added new command line parameters /DO and /EO. These can be used to disable or enable output, overriding the Output directive.
      • Added new command line parameter /Qp. Can be...
  10. Inno Setup QuickStart Pack (unicode) 5.5.4 [2013-10-13]

    • Added the Windows 8.1 "compatibility" section to the various manifest resources used by Inno Setup. This enables any check for the operating system version to get the real version number (6.3) instead of getting the same version number as it did in Windows 8 (6.2).
    • Compiler IDE: Added new option: Show line numbers in gutter (default: off).
    • Pascal Scripting changes:
      • Added new event function CurInstallProgressChanged, which you can use to...